chapter  IV
Hmong Cultural Beliefs Related to Health, Healing, and Illness
Pages 48

COOPER,1 LIVO AND CHA,2 AND JOHNSON,3 AMONG OTHERS, HAVE recorded various legends about the Hmong’s version of the creation of the world and the great flood of the earth. These legends describe how Hmong survived the great flood and how their clan names were formed. They do not address the manner in which Hmong traditional customs and beliefs originated nor do they describe the significance of those beliefs and customs. Rice describes the Kab Yeeb couple as responsible for bringing children to their Hmong parents on earth.4 Cooper and Rice report that the Saub is associated with fertility and reproduction.5 Bliatout, Thao, Lemoine, Ovesen, Cooper, and Rice have written about the Xwm Kab as a household spirit that Hmong worship to protect their families.6 Cooper briefly describes the Water Dragon, Zaj Laug, who controls nature.7 But the following story about the Dab Pog couple and the Xwm Kab has not been recorded before in the literature. The author herein presents this tale of the Dab Pog and the Xwm Kab just as it has been related to her; the details and views expressed in the following pages have been drawn from informants.