chapter  14
Remedies for Breach of Contract
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The appropriate remedy for a particular breach of contract will depend on the subject matter of the contract and the nature of the breach. In some cases, more than one remedy may be available. In all cases, the claimant must state in his pleadings the remedy or remedies he is seeking. The possible remedies are:

(a) Action for unliquidated damages. (b) Action for liquidated damages. (c) Action for damages by way of recovery of a specifi c sum of money owed under

a contract, for example for the agreed price of goods or services under sale of goods legislation. 1

(d) Action for a reasonable price for goods sold, under sale of goods legislation, where the price is not fi xed by the contract. 2

(e) Action on a quantum meruit. (f) Action for specifi c performance. (g) Action for an injunction to restrain breach of a negative term in a contract.