chapter  4
The Face of the Subject
Pages 40

Seh-hee feels that her boyfriend, Ji-woo, may be making eyes at other women, as time has eroded their relationship into an unpleasant affair marked by routine and sexual debacle. Unable to get over her jealousy, she undergoes a radical plastic surgery in the hope of reigniting his love through her new identity named Sai-hee. Her plan is successful only until he confesses that he still loves the missing Seh-hee, who Sai-hee fi nally reveals she is with jealousy of her own past self. Shocked by this truth, Ji-woo in turn ends up deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery so that he will return to her later with a completely new face. Five months later, however, Sai-hee vainly searches for Ji-woo among several men evoking him. And one of them, whom she senses must be Ji-woo, fl ees from her desperate chase only to be hit by a truck and expose an unrecognizably bleeding face. In deep trouble, Sai-hee changes her face back to Seh-hee’s.