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Afranius, Lucius: one of Pompey’s officers who fought for him in Spain, Macedonia and Africa. Ahenobarbus, Lucius Domitius: consul in 54 and a leading opponent of Caesar in the build-up to the Civil War. Defeated at

Corfinum and Massilia, and finally killed in the aftermath of Pharsalus. Antony, Mark (c. 81±30): one of Caesar’s subordinate officers, he was given both administrative and military posts. Emerged

as one of the main leaders of Caesar’s supporters after his assassination. Brutus, Marcus Junius (c. 85±42): influential younger member of the Senate who fought against Caesar in 49-48. Captured

and pardoned, he was one of the leaders who led the conspiracy against him. Caelius Rufus, Marcus: friend of Cicero, but sided with Caesar during the Civil War. The unstable Caelius Rufus then rebelled

against him and was killed. Caesar, Caius Julius (100±44): maverick politician and brilliant commander, Caesar rose through Civil War to establish

himself as dictator. Murdered by a conspiracy of senators, Caesar’s fame has nevertheless endured to the present day. Cassius Longinus, Caius (c. 85±42): having won a name for himself by defending Syria after the death of Crassus, Cassius

sided with Pompey during the Civil War. Captured and pardoned he and Brutus led the conspiracy against the dictator. Cicero, Marcus Tullius (106±43): the greatest orator of his day, Cicero was more a politician than soldier. He survived the

Civil War only to be executed on Mark Antony’s orders. Cicero’s Correspondence and other writings provide a mass of information about the period.