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and 1989

A multi-stage, strati®ed, area probability sample of non-institutionalised adults aged 25 or more in mainland USA was interviewed in 1986 and followed-up in 1989. A 70% initial response rate (3617 interviews at time 1) and a follow-up rate of 83% gave 2867 interviews at time 2. At time 2 only, one modi®ed DIS ``stem'' question was askedÐ``ever felt sad for a whole week etc''. 41.7% said ``yes'', and ``life-time'' rates are based on this. If the most recent episode was within the last 12 months, more questions were asked and better data obtained. 10.2% had had an episode within that period (14.5% ®rst time; 62.5% recurrences; 23% chronic).