chapter  3
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1.1 Scope of the review

Inequalities in prevalence rates of common mental disorders within ethnic minority groups have been relatively little studied in the United Kingdom in spite of the increase in the size of these groups in recent decades. What research has been done has often appeared to be based on two broad assumptions: (i) there is greater morbidity in ethnic minority groups compared to the indigenous white group; and (ii) ethnic minority groups under-utilise services. The chief aim of the present review was to establish whether or not common mental disorders are more prevalent in ethnic minority groups than the white indigenous population of the UK. It also examines associated risk factors and the use of treatment and services, although this is not a review of service utility. The review does not deal with the most serious but less frequent psychotic disorders, but is con®ned to the far more frequent neurotic disorders, now generally called the common mental disorders, and mostly comprising anxiety and depression, from which arise the major population burden.