m. or masc. (masculinum): masculine m.m. (mutatis mutandis): with the necessary changing being made MS (manuscriptus): manuscript MSS (manuscripta): manuscripts n. (natus): born N.B. or n.b. (nota bene): note well non obs. (non obstante): notwithstanding non seq. (non sequitur): it does not follow o.c. (opere citato): in the work cited op. cit. (opere citato): in the work cited pass. (passim): throughout pct. (per centum): by the hundred per cent. or p.c. (per centum): by the hundred pl. (pluralis): plural PPS (post postscriptum): an additional postscript PS (postscriptum): a postscript ptc. (participium): a participle q.e. (quod est): which is qq.v. (quæ vide): (pl.) which see q.v. (quod vide): (sing.) which see sc. (scilicet): that is to say, namely sec. (secundum): according to seq. (sequens): (sing.) the following seq. (sequitur): it follows seqq. (sequentia): (pl.) the following (things) sg. or sing. (singularis): singular sup. (supra): above t. or temp. (tempore): in the time of u.s. (ubi supra): where (mentioned) above ut inf. or ut i. (ut infra): as stated or shown below ut sup. or u.s. (ut supra): as stated or shown above v. or vs. (versus): against v. (vide): see v.i. (vide infra): see below viz. (videlicet): namely v.s. (vide supra): see above V.V. or v.v. (vice versa): conversely
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