chapter  6
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As to where the loves of boys and the abusive practice of sex between men first started, the explanation is doubtful, to such a degree various people have recorded various things concerning this matter. For some relate that Thamyris the Thracian, the eighth before Homer to win renown as a bard, who took Hymenaeus, son of Calliope and Magnes as his sweetheart, was the first. Others say that Rhadamantus first loved the boy Talon of Crete. Some assert that Laius carried off Chrysippus, son of Pelops, to use

after this fashion. Others allege that the Itali, driven by necessity during their protracted military campaigns, abused males. All seem to agree that Cretan Jove, captivated by the beauty of the boy Ganymede, was the very first originator of masculine love (masculae Veneris).11