chapter  18
The General Line
(for Gilles Deleuze) (1990)
Pages 4

On the other hand, “it must not be thought that it is a celebration, and that everything else is the everyday. The border does not lie there, it lies between life as such and the secret existence,” specifies the same voice. Nor is

it exactly a matter of the right to secrecy. The right to secrecy allows you on occasion to keep quiet about something you know. But the “secret existence” is “free,” because you don’t have any idea what you should say, were you to speak of it. You give over your free time to this “secret existence” because you have a need to go on not knowing. This is how you get the chance to encounter what you are ignorant of. Meanwhile, you wait for it. And you can even try to make it come to you. You can read, drink, love, make music, give yourself over to the ritual of minor obsessions, write. But all these means of provoking the encounter are also part of the mysterious region. They keep the secret and there is no way to be sure that they will work.