chapter  9
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The Return Black Vladimir Vladimir

Much of this chapter comes from Vladimir’s own testimonies. Also instrumental in developing this chapter was El camino de la niebla, Volume III, in which the authors reconstruct the crime. Some of the same tireless human rights workers put together the extremely useful and well-documented Colombia nunca más: Crímenes de lesa humanidad, zona 14 1966…Tomo I, of which there are three volumes. In addition, I visited Segovia on two occasions and compiled interviews with locals and witnesses to the massacre. A terrific account of the military offensive against the ELN in the region can be found in Joe Broderick’s El guerrillero invisible, which is also the brilliant first volume of a biography of ELN leader Manuel “The Priest” Pérez. The information about the paramilitary training came from testimonies of ex-paramilitaries like Vladimir. There are also in-depth news reports concerning this subject, most importantly a groundbreaking report from Semana magazine called “The Paramilitary Dossier,” which appeared in the issue dated April 11, 1989. I corroborated this information with the paramilitaries themselves.