chapter  12
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The Suizo

Most of this chapter came from the voluminous case file on Bernardo Jaramillo’s assassination. During the final proceedings the judge let me look through the file and discuss the case openly with him. In the file are testimonies from the teenage assassin, his family and acquaintances, ex-paramilitaries, and government agents. There are also government reports, newspaper accounts, television transcripts, photographs, and maps. I also spoke to Bernardo’s widow and witness to the assassination, Mariela Barragán, on several occasions. A separate book was written about Pizarro’s assassination, Roa Rojas’s El asasinato de Carlos Pizarro. Carlos Castaño himself explained in detail how he trained Yerry, Pizarro’s young assassin, in Aranguren Molina’s Mi confesión. Information about the protests that followed the assassination of Jaramillo came mostly from newspaper accounts, in particular Voz. The story about the falling FARC magazines came from an eyewitness to the event. The growing alliance between the UP and the M-19 was well known at the time, and former members of both groups corroborated this information.