chapter  10
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Twenty-Five Years On: Old Books, New Times

I owe many thanks to Nadine Dolby and Greg Dimitriadis, who spotted a couple of years ago the looming 25th anniversary of the publication of Learning to Labor and have put so much work, effort, and good will into organizing, editing, compiling, and publishing this excellent volume. Thank you! I cannot say that I had noticed the approach of this milestone1 until Nadine sent me an email suggesting the possibility of the AERA panels. My immediate thought was, “Christ, we are ageing at the same pace, 25 years… what kind of an old codger does that make me?” But the idea was excellent. The panels gave me much food for thought, and I am delighted that this book sees the light of day with its many wonderful contributions from people whose work I have long admired or am happy to learn from now.