chapter  10
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From Dialectics to Dialog Across Liminal Spaces
WithAdital Ben-Ari, Guy Enosh

In this chapter, we expand our perspective to other ethical and political implications of our conceptualizations, by examining relationships with other stakeholders in the research process, such as funders, research gatekeepers, monitoring systems (e.g., Ethical Review Boards), etc. All of these require the researcher to reflect upon one's relationship with each and every one of them, and the conflicting demands that arise from these relationships. From this perspective, this entire book is about research ethics, just as much as it is about reflexivity, and dialectics. Thus, the final chapter of the book will review how the basic approach we have delineated in earlier chapters, regarding dialectical reflexivity as a tool of examination, and reciprocity as a goal of relationships; applies to the researcher’s relationships with other research partners and stakeholders.