chapter  11
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Strategic gaps: the difference between what we want and what we have got

This chapter sets out to do two things. First , since we have competed our review of the components of the strategic pathway, now it is time to look at the pathway as a whole and to ask the question of whether we can see a robust and innovative strategy developing, and identifying what areas need more work. The fi rst part of the chapter provides an audit framework to accomplish this. Second , if the strategic pathway makes sense, then many of the problems in getting things done can be seen as strategic gaps – the differences between what we want (our strategic intent) and what we get (our strategic reality). This is an interesting analysis for several reasons but particularly because it provides the mechanism for asking why strategic gaps exist and what we can do about them. This links neatly to the questions of developing organizational change and implementation strategies (which we look at in Chapters 12 and 13).