chapter  V
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AN inherent danger lies in the use of “catch” words or phrases-a danger that they may either convey an inadequate significance, and occasion misunderstanding or, by excessive use, become nauseating. We have seen the term “efficiency” fall into both these dangers. It would be a thousand pities were the phrase now being freely used-“the new spirit in industry”— to suffer a similar fate. For “efficiency” we may coin another less irritating term, but for “the new spirit in industry” there cannot be any substitute with the same significance. For the phrase is expressive. It betokens a change, not in structure, methods, objects, environment or conditions, but in mentality. It stands for a new human attitude among the various groups of beings united in an industrial undertaking. In particular, it stands for a new relationship between management and mena relationship determined neither by tradition nor by economic conditions, but by the spirit emanating from each party. It betokens, therefore, a new attitude on the labour side of factory management.