chapter  9
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Lifting the majority of objects only needs a pair of fingers and a plastic bag. But complex and vulnerable things require precise recording in the ground, because we have high expectations of them (FIG 9.3). For features dug at Level E, there will be a Finds Location Record for each object, which says not only where an object was, but which way up it lay and its angle of rest in the ground. This may become relevant, for example, for fragments of fresco fallen from a wall, or a whole pot broken in situ,

or objects in a grave (FIG 9.4). Fragile objects are obviously not just thrust in a plastic bag. They may need (reversible) chemical consolidation on site, and jacketing in fibreglass (like the sword being lifted in FIG 9.4c). Or the whole block of soil containing related objects may be consolidated and lifted together – a Level F operation (see Chapter 6).