chapter  7
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Recent Developments

In this chapter some of the more significant developments of interest to the student of leadership in organizations will be examined. It was observed in the first chapter that this is not an easy undertaking when a field is spawning so many new and alternative approaches. As a result , a choice was made to mention a small number of them with a particular view to their prospective importance. In addition, newer developments in the study of leadership have on occasions been encountered and examined en passant. A notable example of this is the Vertical Dyad Linkage approach which received a fairly detailed treatment in Chapters 3 and 4. It could just as easily and appropriately have been dealt with in the current chapter but was appraised in the context of its implications for the study of leadership style because of its specific relevance to that topic. It is hoped that this chapter will provide the reader with a flavour of the unsettled (and perhaps unsettling) nature of the study of leadership, as well as the more positive effect of introducing some interesting developments.