chapter  6
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Particle Systems and Shuriken

In this chapter we are going to create a simple but elegant particle system in Unity. To do this, we will create a game object with a Particle System component attached, and then use Unity’s Shuriken editor interface to customise that particle system to our requirements. Specifically, we will create a trail of ‘magical dust’ – something that could come from a magic wand, or from a spell book, or from any similar spell-casting entity. Though the system itself will be ‘simple’ it will nonetheless use a wide range of Shuriken features, demonstrate the power of the editor and equip you with the crucial knowledge you need to build your own systems for your own projects. Like many issues in game development, there is no ‘single correct way’ to create and configure a particle system. For this reason, don’t be afraid to experiment and to deviate from what I am creating here, especially if you prefer your edits and amendments. The basis to work on is: if it looks right, then it is right. So let’s get started.