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Lesson 6 House—Courtyard—Garden (continued)


bathroom toilet

sink shower

1 Originally, referred simply to public baths, but has come to be used for “bathroom” also.

bathtub mirror

water tap

towel shampoo

soap; washing-up liquid toothpaste

laundry detergent; washing powder


razor, shaver razor blade

to wash to bathe; to shower

to have a shower to have a bath

to open to close

to close, to lock to lock

to hold to shave

to drip to dry

clean dirty

wet dry

kitchen meal, food

big national plate plate

teapot; kettle electric kettle

national cup metal kettle

!oca national bowl mug

glass wineglass

dishes spoon

knife fork

semi-spherical a large metal spatula

cauldron saucepan

frying pan cutting board

jar; tin bottle

tray small serving plate

baby bath; large bowl for dough, or for washing


bowl for washing

washing machine

matches iron

gas; gas-stove oven

meat grinder, mincer refrigerator, fridge

sieve {for flour etc.} dust, dirt

broom vacuum cleaner

rubbish, trash wastepaper basket

to make/stew tea to drink

to eat to taste

to cook, to bake to fry

to boil

to chop, to slice

to break into pieces to cut into pieces

to sweep to fill

boiled fried

hot cold

luke warm metal (adj)

china (adj.) glass (adj.)

plastic (adj.) rubber (adj.)

little more

quickly, fast slowly

full full, overflowing

garden (with trees), country-house


gate fence

tree fruit

fruit tree tree without fruit

flower seedling

vegetable-garden grass

ladder rope

tile glass (in window)

board brick

stone mud, clay

layer sieve {for wheat etc.}

pipe water outlet, water-pipe


fire, flame wood-stove

bread-oven store-room

tool, instrument stable, cattle-shed

hammer nail, screw

appa saw axe

pliers spanner

spade hoe

an outside seating area resembling a western double bed

a small tool used for straightening or breaking pieces of wood

dog cat

cow sheep

goat xap donkey

bird horse

to plough, to till to grow (smth)

to sow to germinate, grow (by itself)

to plant

to pick to water

to come to milk a cow

to come ripe unripe, green

black white

red blue

green yellow

pink brown


1. Conversation between a mother and her daughter [northern dialect]