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Lesson 11 Market


1 The old name for this market was (“Green Market”) and it is still usually referred to by its former Russian name, /Zelyoni/.

lemon orange

satsuma, tangerine


banana raisins

dried apricots dried chick peas

nuts almond

walnut pistachios

tomato cucumber

lettuce chilli

garlic green pepper, bell pepper

onion spring onions

aubergine, egg-plant


potato carrot

chick peas beans

cabbage cauliflower

pumpkin green radish

turnip radish


rice pasta

egg a type of sausage

oil butter, margarine

vegetable oil

milk cheese

cream solid sour yoghurt (mixed with water as a side-dish)

sour cream

sour curdled milk honey jam

vinegar oral snuff

salt ground pepper

green herbs caraway seeds

basil coriander

mint dill

to buy to sell

to spend, to waste (money)

to pay

to weigh

to put

to take to taste

to cut to peel

to clean to pick

dried fresh

ripe juicy

sweet sour

spicy hot bitter

pickled; salty raw

hard soft

heavy light

cheap expensive

favourite tasty, delicious

like, similar rounded

kilo by the kilo

small bundle or bunch sack

piece bag

scales (measuring) weight

price, cost weight (in grams)

value money (units of Tajiki currency)wallet, purse

1. [northern dialect]

–How much are the watermelons?