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Lesson 2 Forms of Address Getting Acquainted

As in all languages, there are various ways of addressing people in Tajiki. The most important of these are the two forms of address for the second person (“you”)—formal (showing respect) and informal (general use)—these are the words and my respectively. Ty is usually used for the singular and for the plural. However, is also used for the second person singular to show respect and in official affairs. In relationships between friends, peers, close work colleagues, and also when addressing younger people, the pronoun my is used; for addressing older people, guests, officials, leaders and, more generally, anyone who should be shown respect, the pronoun is used. When is used to show respect to a single person, it is capitalised in writing. The third person plural is also often used instead of the third person singular when talking about someone for whom one has a lot of respect, such as one’s parents, boss, or teachers.