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Lesson 5 House—Courtyard—Garden

Homes in Tajikistan are generally of two kinds: traditional houses and apartments. Traditional houses, are usually privately-owned, have a courtyard or garden, and consist of several rooms. More than one family usually live in such a house-parents with their sons and daughter-in-laws, for example. Walls of traditional houses are normally constructed out of mud, bricks, or cement. Rooms are typically arranged around a central courtyard, each having its own hallway or anteroom. In front of them, there will often be a veranda, which also serves as a place for sitting and resting during the summer. It is not the custom of people in the East, Tajiks included, to sleep in a Western-style bed (known as a "am or, by the Russian word, ). Instead, they make their bed from

quilts During the day, the are piled on top of a chest and covered with a special blanket; this pile is called a For storing household items, shelves are built, sometimes as a cupboard set into the wall.