chapter  III
The Business of Mural Advertising
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If a manufacturer decides to attempt an increase of business by mural advertising, there are, as has been pointed out in the introductory chapter, certain preliminary considerations to which he must direct his attention. Does he produce an article of wide consumption? Is that article capable of sufficient differentiation from articles of a similar kind, that there may be some colour for his suggestion that the public should buy his commodity in preference to any other? There is no better aid to advertising than virtue in the thing advertised, for when the consumer sees the name subsequent to his first purchase, he knows that there is some reason for the puff, other than the desire of the merchant to sell his wares. Further, is the advertiser prepared to spend a good round sum on his experiment,

and is he willing to continue spending for months without any return for his outlay? If the manufacturer can answer these questions in the affirmative, mural advertising will pay him, provided it is well directed.