chapter  1
A city with a great library is a great city
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Now probably the most famous newly designed and completed public library in the world, Seattle's Public Library opened on 23 May 2004 . Designed by Rem Koolhaas and his Dutch

provide a much richer range of public spaces than these other forms of cultural provision, public or private. It was Seattle Library's 'trailblazing take on public space' that excited Boddy. He enthused that its 'levels provide niches for scholars, corporate researchers, bibliomanes, teen-daters and even the homeless seeking refuge from the rain' (Boddy, 2006: 45). This universal welcome and reach he stated, were 'shared by most of the libraries gathered in these pages: Economic historian Edward Glaeser urges all those involved in future urban regeneration programmes to invest in people, and in projects such as public libraries which encourage learning, participation and the development of social capital, not grands projets providing consumer spectacle for those lucky enough to have time and money to spare (Glaeser, 2011).