chapter  4
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Re-scaling the nation-state

In this chapter I shall take up the view of globalization as changes in ‘scales’ and relations between scales which I discussed in Chapters 1 and 2 (Jessop 2002, Harvey 1996, Collinge 1999, Boyer and Hollingsworth 1997). From this perspective, globalization is not just a matter of the construction of a global scale, it is also a matter of new relations between the global scale and other scales (e.g. ‘glocalization’ as a relation between global and local scales, Robertson 1992), and wider changes in the set of scales and relations between them caused by the construction of a global scale. Contemporary globalization is also associated with the construction of other scales than the global scale, including the ‘macro-regional’ scale (e.g. the European Union or the North American Free Trade Area), the scale of cross-border economic regions such as the Pearl River Delta (China, Hong Kong, Macau), and the scale of ‘global cities’.