chapter  5
Postverbal functions
Pages 62

WE MOVE NOW from ACQUIRE as a main verb to the first category of 'grammatical' functions ACQUIRE performs across these languages. This chapter examines functions of ACQUIRE in postverbal position, or more accurately, as V2 in a VlV2 sequence. ACQUIRE in postverbal function is normally grammatical head of its clause--either as a modal, or as a resultative verb-but this 'headship' is weaker than that of a prototypical clausal head (e.g. a single transitive verb), as is normal in multi-verb constructions (Andrews and Manning 1999). We explore in detail the semantic and grammatical status of postverbal ACQUIRE in each language, considering semantic entailments, pragmatic inferences, constituent structure distinctions, and combinatoric restrictions. We find commonalities and subtle differences in semantic structure and in tendencies for inference and interpretation in each of the languages. Certain inferences (for example from 'possibility' to 'attainment') are encouraged to varying extents, in different contexts, both linguistic and non-linguistic.