chapter  2
Rape Work in Organizational Context
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As suggested by these quotes, law enforcement (LE) officials are wary of rape crisis representatives as well as feminists and “do goodies”—such as social workers, rape crisis center (RCC) workers, and victim advocates. Historically, rape crisis centers have criticized law enforcement and prosecutors for being insensitive to rape victims, at times going public to expose these officials’ abusive practices. The quotes can be taken as signs of prejudice on the part of individuals or, alternatively, as information about work settings and organizational frames that define duties, depict victims, and characterize outsiders. I favor the second interpretation. These speakers do more than proffer personal opinions about RCCs, “radical feminists,” and “do goodies.” They express the perspective of their employers about what rapists, victims, and “outsiders” are like and how they should be treated. Their comments acknowledge that people beyond

their organization look at the world differently and imply that their worldview is best.1