Igor Stravinsky
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Igor Stravinsky maintained a prominent position on the musicalscene from the time of his first widely circulated orchestral work,Feu d’artifice (1908), until his death more than sixty years later. Throughout this period, his works captured the musical community’s attention; each of them was eagerly awaited and much discussed. He was a multinational composer, Russian in his heritage and musical style, but one who also established residence in Switzerland during World War I, later in France, and after 1939 in the United States, where he became a naturalized citizen on December 28, 1945. The external features of his musical style changed frequently but always reflected his unique creative voice. He responded to influences that surrounded him and in turn exercised considerable influence on other composers and performers. If the panorama of musical styles in the 20th century could be represented by one composer, Stravinsky would be a likely candidate. However they may be considered, his works represent one of the mainstreams of music in the modern era.