chapter  7
Survey of LEA policy and practice for moderate learning difficulties
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This chapter examines the findings from a national survey which was conducted during the first part of 2003 of all local education authorities (LEA) in England and Wales. It shows that the general picture that arose from the survey is based on a sample which was not representative of London LEAs. The draft questionnaire was tried out with a group of officers from one LEA and amendments were made before it was sent out to all educational officers with special educational needs responsibilities. There were several LEAs where response was explicitly mixed, picking out the tensions between the above positive and negative aspects. The mixed response to the moderate learning difficulties (MLD) term is exemplified in the following quote from one LEA: To label a pupil as having MLD at a given time within their school career can serve to limit expectations of the teaching staff. In some LEAs, no pupils with learning difficulties are issued with Statements for MLD.