chapter  9
Electoral Corruption
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There have been numerous forms of electoral malpractice in Africa since independence. Most of the main forms of electoral abuse apply to post-independence elections in Uganda, especially to the December 1980 election and to the March 2001 presidential election. The focus of this chapter is on electoral malpractice by the ruling NRM in the 2001 presidential polls.1 This election exemplified abuses not usually documented in the literature on African electoral corruption. In particular, we consider some of the aberrations in the procurement of election materials and the computerization of the voter registers. We also consider other irregularities in Uganda’s 1996, 2001, 20062 and 20113 elections held under the NRM. Moreover, we discuss why local institutions such as the EC and the Parliament as well as international donors have been unable to control or eradicate various forms of electoral offences.