chapter  3
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• Items and motion

Meaning implies significance and purpose. It stems from the Indo-European root *men-, to revolve in the mind or think, as do many other words in common usage, such as memory,

mention, mania, demented and mind. The mind, in much of our everyday speech, is given the status of an organ in which thoughts take place. We now associate mind, in a way that is only partly understood, with the physical brain, though in other eras, conscious activity has been associated with other parts of the body . Yet mind is also clearly differentiated from, even opposed to, the material world; over which it may triumph, or strike a compromise, or alternatively be overpowered. On this understanding, mind is the instrument through which we can discover meaning, and therefore it is to mind that we should look in order to find the signifICance of illness. It may be, however, that there are other possible understandings of mind and therefore meaning, as will become evident.