Global network connectivity
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Measurements of firms and cities in terms of their network locations can be easily derived from V. The sums for columns, rows and the total (equations 3.1-3.3) provide initial description of the universe of global services as defined by the GaWC 100. The total service sum is 16,901 and the top ten firms and cities in terms of quantity of service values are given in Tables 3.3 and 3.4. There is nothing surprising in these rankings, with both tables, coincidently, showing a gap separating the top two from the rest. In Table 3.3 the dominance of the accountancy sector is expected, given the large number of offices the major firms in this sector operate. The cities listed in Table 3.4 are exactly the same as the ten cities designated as alpha world cities in an earlier study based upon different data (Beaverstock et al. 1999a). The obvious plausibility of these first simple measurements provides an initial credibility to the new data matrix.