chapter  2
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Motherhood, gender and nondecision-making

Having discussed the theories of nondecision-making and their usefulness in relation to marginalised issues, I now need to address two other substantive questions. First, what constitutes a Women’s Issue and second, how motherhood affects gender roles and how gender roles relate to policy. This lays the basis for focusing on childcare as an important issue with regard to women’s equal access to economic activity (which is not to say that it is not important for many other reasons too) and concludes with a brief discussion of the relationship between childcare provision, policy and women’s equality of access to economic activity. Although the focus here is on the policy area of childcare I believe that the arguments made and the structures and policies described are transferable to the whole arena of women’s interests and other marginalised issues. Equality between women and men is, as already stated, both a fundamental issue of social justice and, in the context of childcare, a very radical demand.