chapter  8
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Political mobilisation and childcare

The marginalisation of Women’s Interest Issues (WIIs) has been an area of investigation for some time in political science (see Chapter 2). However, to my mind it remains partly unexplained, hence my focus on nondecision-making. The empirical chapters show quite conclusively that nondecision-making practices were employed on WIIs in both case studies. In addition, the structure of bureaucracies and the policy process themselves have been shown to be, in the main, incompatible with WIIs. As stated previously, structures which exclude sectors of policy-making from the mainstream are viewed here to be incidences of nondecision-making. Therefore, it can be concluded that WIIs have been victims of nondecision-making yet certain questions remain. First, why is it that some WIIs, such as equality of pay and opportunity have achieved success, whilst others, such as childcare, have not? Second, and related to the first question, why is it that one counter-strategy advocated by Swiebel (1988), that of community pressure increasing an issue’s chances of success, has not been available to all WIIs equally?