chapter  15
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The Crusader States

Fulcher of Chartres, writing towards the end of his life in the mid-1120s, described conditions for those Latins who had settled in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the following way:

For how could they constantly endure such labors, those who were able to rest in their homes for scarcely a month? Certainly one has a hard heart who is not moved by compassion for those who live around Jerusalem, who day and night endure much suffering in the service of the Lord, and who also, when they go from their homes, wonder in fear whether they will ever be able to come back. If they go far they of necessity go loaded with provisions and utensils. If they are poor men, either peasants or woodsmen, they are captured or killed by the Ethiopians in ambush in ravines and forests. On this side the Babylonians [Egyptians] suddenly attack them by land and sea; on the north the Turks take them by surprise. Here in fact ears are attentive to the sound of the trumpeter if perchance the tumult of war shall have been noised abroad.