chapter  1
Analysing Globalization and Social Change
Pages 30

Globalization and the new economy encapsulate the transformation of economic and social relations across the globe. People and places are increasingly interlinked through the organization of work, the flows of goods and services and the exchange of ideas. Even so the contemporary world is characterized by difference rather than uniformity and widening rather than narrowing inequality but the spatial pattern is complex; while some people and places are involved in highly interactive global networks others are largely excluded, creating new and reinforcing old patterns of uneven development. Despite the enormous advances in human ingenuity and technology that have created unparalleled wealth and an economically more integrated world, social and spatial divisions are widening. This book illustrates and explains some of the divisions between countries, between regions and within cities, emphasizing how they provide quite different opportunities within which people live their lives, even though they are increasingly linked within the global economy.