chapter  6
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There can be no doubt that for students of politics and international relations, the Internet constitutes a resource of great potential value. Sites concerned with some aspect of politics are amongst the most common and provide a huge amount of information, argument, comment and opinion. At the same time, as we have seen, the great strengths of the Internet can also sometimes be potential weaknesses: its sheer size can mean that one is overwhelmed and its openness can mean that the material to be found there is sometimes of little value. With these points in mind, this book has aimed to provide advice that will enable you, with practice, to become an effective and discerning user of the Internet: effective in being able to search quickly and efficiently for the kind of information that will help you in your studies; discerning in being able to evaluate the content of sites that you find and to think critically about their origin, purpose and intended audience. If you are able to develop and combine these two crucial abilities, you will find the Internet an extremely useful tool.