chapter  3
Amateurs and professionals
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The first two chapters presented the philosophical roots of gendered con-cepts surrounding the notions of artist, art, and aesthetic response; this one takes a look at how some of those concepts have influenced the opportunities for women practitioners in several arts. Because we are continuing an analysis of the fine-art tradition, the historical location of this discussion will be the eighteenth through the early twentieth centuries. This focus will lead us to examine a significant factor that often separates female from male practitioners in the fine arts as they develop in modern times: the identification of an artist as an “amateur” or as a “professional.”The status of professional or amateur, as we shall see, is not a matter of merely personal choice or convenience. It has substantial consequences for the contributions that artists are able to make to their arts, for amateurs are satellite figures marginal to the formation of the artistic canons that furnish paradigms of art.