chapter  1
Artists and art: a brief history of concepts
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What is art? What is an artist? Each concept is defined in terms of theother: who counts as an artist partly depends on what is produced, and whether a product is a work of art partly depends on who produced it. Let us begin by considering the concept of the creator: the person who makes art, whether that art be poetry or painting or music, architecture or sculpture or dance. Of course, by listing these particular arts, I have already importantly prejudged the terms of discussion, for the answers would be different had I included the person who makes quilts or jigsaw puzzles or wedding cakes; or the person who spins, weaves, or throws pottery; or who blows glass or manufactures furniture or binds books. As we shall see in the course of this chapter, the identification of certain persons as artists changes through history with shifting categories of things that are considered works of art.