chapter  II
Evil and Redemption
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Perhaps the depth and resonance of a soul is never so well revealed as by its first contact with grace-by the virgin sound which the initial impact of divinity draws from it. Born to complete agnosticism Simone Weil did not wish to consider the problem of God. She was afraid of making a mistake which in such a matter seemed to her to be the greatest possible evil. Does not this fear in itself show the deep holiness of her soul? ‘As soon as I reached adolescence I saw the problem of God as a problem of which the data could not be obtained here below, and I decided that the only way of being sure not to reach a wrong solution, which seemed to me the greatest possible evil, was to leave it alone. So I left it alone, I neither affirmed nor denied anything’ (Letter IV) One of her old pupils told me that she refused to mention God in her philosophical teaching, saying that one does not speak of a subject about which one knows nothing.’