chapter  IX
Spiritual Significance
Pages 8

Is it possible to say what would have been the spiritual outcome of such a development had its earthly course not been cut short by Simone’s premature death at the age of thirty-four?

Would she finally have resolved her conflicts and achieved unity in Christ’s peace, that peace which triumphs over our anguish and brings contraries into harmony? Personally, as I have said, I am inclined to think so, because of the divine words: ‘He that doth truth cometh to the light.’ But by what roundabout ways? by what trials? For the Master also said: ‘Unless you become as little children’—children not because of our ignorance but because of that simplicity which is compatible with the most consummate learning and the highest genius. Grace is given in abundance, but we have to reckon with man’s free-will and with conditions of environment and temperament which tend to obstruct the light even without any personal fault.