Congo (Brazzaville)
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YVON LEWA-LET MANDHA In June 1997 a civil war began in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) which

resulted in the overthrow of President Lissouba by his adversary Général Sassou-

Nguesso, on the 15 th

October. In December 1998, ‘ninja’ militiamen close to

Bernard Kolekas, former Prime Minister of the fallen Government, restarted

hostilities. Whole districts of Brazzaville were emptied as the population fled from

exactions of all kinds. The South of the country fell prey to barbarism as the

‘cocoyes’ and the ‘Zulus’ still faithful to Pascal Lissouba brought the war to their

zones of influence. In the face of this rebellion, the army was helped by Angolan

troops and the ‘cobras’, militiamen close to Sassou, among others. Pointe-Noir,

the country’s economic capital, was spared these conflicts.