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CHRISTAKIS GEORGIOU The Cyprus Centre of the ITI has for some time now been pressing for the

adoption of a definite theatre policy, which would aim to attract new audi-

ences to the island’s five existing professional theatres. In its attempt to focus

attention on the necessity of such a policy the Centre asked the Research Team

of the Intercollege (an independent college) to carry out new research (the

first was done by the Cyprus College – see the relevant article in The World

of Theatre 2000) to examine why theatre attendance is far from satisfactory

and make suggestions about how to improve the situation. In the same spirit,

it staged the 6 th

Pancyprian Theatre Conference on the theme ‘Practical Steps

for Audience Development’. It also organized a Panhellenic Conference on

Theatre in Education with the active involvement of the Ministry of Educa-

tion and Culture of Cyprus and the Ministry of National Education of Greece.