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Drama Theatre HILDE HAIDER-PREGLER The start of the new millennium saw not only Austria’s political scene but also

its theatre life in such turmoil as had not been experienced for a long time.

Although it is true that in artistic and intellectual circles, the opposition to the

ÖVP-FPÖ coalition was particularly sharply articulated, the structural changes

and personal moves in the theatre sector cannot simply be attributed to the

policies of the black-blue (ÖVP-FPÖ) ‘Turning Point’ government. Federal

Chancellor Viktor Klima (SPÖ) had already transferred artistic affairs for the

first time from a Federal Minister to a Secretary of State directly answerable

to the Chancellor and with regard to subsidies had shown a preference for

separations, (part) privatisation, sponsorship, efficient marketing etc. The ‘black’

(ÖVP) Secretary Franz Morak, a former Burgtheater actor who had moved

into politics some years ago, carried on this line determinedly.