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The growth in both attendance and productions, which we have spoken about

in past editions of World of Theatre, continued in the last three seasons in all

branches of Slovenian theatre life, including opera and ballet. We can speak of a

growth of 8% in the last three theatrical seasons from 1997/98 to 2000/01 with

regard to the attendance and 22% for the number of staged works. Statistically,

if in 1992 one in three Slovenians visited a theatre performance, in 2000 the

figure was one in two. This can partly be attributed to the growth of commercial

theatres with popular and boulevard comedies. In 2000 two commercial theatres

around Ljubljana registered more visitors than the National Drama Theatre in

Ljubljana. Especially during the summer time there is a growing number of

festivals, which enable the same performances to be seen in other surroundings

than those for which they were originally conceived.