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Jan Lauwers, for instance, turned the Hamburg Schauspielhaus upside down with

an innovative version of Shakespeare’s Tempest; the Festival of Avignon provided

Jan Fabre with no less a venue than the Cour d’Honneur of the prestigious Palais

des Papes for his black fairy-tale Je suis sang (I Am Blood); and Luk Perceval directed

a rather modest Chekhov (The Cherry Orchard) at Schauspiel Hannover. The trio’s

international order book for the years ahead is filling nicely. A younger team, the

Antwerp theatre collective STAN, which occupied a place of honour at the Paris

Festival d’Automne two years ago, also went South to make a production in French:

Les Antigones. And we have not even mentioned our ambassadors of children’s

and youth theatre, with the Speeltheater, Victoria and Laika (formerly Blauw Vier)

in the first division.