chapter  9
Personnel Department
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At times of full employment the personnel officer puts a telescope to his/her eye and scans the far horizon for staff with the required skills and abilities. At times of mass unemployment it is the employee who puts the telescope to his/her eye and scans the horizon for employment opportunities. In developed countries with an established social security system, even at times of high unemployment the employee may not search the horizon quite so diligently - for securing employment has ceased to be a matter of life or death, however unpleasant unemployment may be. Even the long-term unemployed will not take up work unless the pay is an adequate recompense for the efforts made and the personnel policy of the employer is favourable, or even generous. It follows that even in times of high unemployment devising a personnel policy which offers attractive rewards to staff is still essential if a firm is not to be starved of willing, able and cooperative employees. What are the characteristics of such a personnel policy? They include the following.