chapter  13
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Health, safety, and crisis management in the global enterprise

This is one of the most challenging topics to write about in IHRM. There has been relatively little written about this issue (or any of the specific aspects of it) in either the “popular” press or the academic or practitioner press. Periodically, events occur that put certain aspects of the topic on the front page. But this is fairly rare. Still it is an increasingly important topic for MNEs, for the following reasons:

Increasing attention to employee well-being around the world. Increasing numbers of employees at potential risk because of increased global

trade: Increasing number of business travelers in general. Increasing number of people on short-and longer-term international

assignments to an increasing number of countries. Increasing number of offices and plants overseas in an increasing number of

locations and forms (subsidiaries, licensees, joint ventures, alliances, subcontractors).