chapter  7
Therapeutic work with victims of sexual violence in war and post­war
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Throughout the Bosnian war years from 1992 until 1995 people fled their homes and towns and ended up as refu gees outside the coun try or as in ternally displaced persons (IDPs) within the coun try. In response to the needs of the IDPs several psycho social centres were set up to facilitate help with their various needs. Some were more clearly focused on women and chil dren and geared towards helping women who had suffered sexual viol ence crimes. This chapter focuses on how a group of health workers at two psycho social centres worked with vic tims of sexual viol ence during the war years and after. More specifically the chapter focuses on the ways in which the health workers compare and contrast their work with vic tims of war-related sexual viol ence versus post-war sexual viol ence and which in ter pretive repertoires are applied when the health workers de scribe their work with vic tims of war rape vis-à-vis their work with vic tims of post-war rape. The answers to these questions will ana lysed by focusing on how the local health workers2 de scribe their work, and themselves, in relation to the two different con texts and which discourses about sexual viol ence emerge as a result.