chapter  9
Beyond Bosnia: international efforts to move from accounting to accountability
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In the Brahimi report in the fall of 2000 (United Nations 2000), which evalu ated the status of United Nations peacekeeping opera tions, former UN SecretaryGeneral Kofi Annan emphas ized the UN failure to prevent the geno cide in Rwanda in 1994 and to protect the inhabitants of Srebrenica in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1995. The report specifically drew attention to the failure of the UN to protect thou sands of civilian women from being raped and other wise sexually abused by the perpetrators in these same conflicts. It is perhaps not therefore surprising that, only two months after the Brahimi report was presented, the Security Council for the first time addressed secur ity concerns and their gendered im plica tions and precon ditions by the unanimous adoption of Resolution 1325 (hereafter UNSCR 1325). This marked a turning point in inter na tional com mitment and engagement for women’s parti cipa tion in peacemaking and protection needs.